Thank you for trying this out! You can find some more details on reddit (/u/potato_bomber) or my website

Explanation of seeds: Same as minecraft, each seed has a unique song, however the settings will need to be the same as well. So if you set the tempo to 100, every seed will have that tempo. If you randomize the seed, it will generate a funny title which is also the seed. Let me know if you find any interesting ones!

Example of custom chords:

Type "1 4 5 k3 1 4 5 k-3 1 5"

Each number is a chord function, like roman numeral notation, (I ii iii IV V vi), k3 changes the key up three half-steps, so from C major to Eb major (C minor). Quality may vary.

You can also export a .midi (.mid) file! It works most of the time.

If you'd like to use the output of this for a project, you completely have my permission! Just make sure to credit "EasyMelody by Roy Cramer" and let me know about it if you get the chance.

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Can you add another instruments like guitar or sax?


this is awesome! great work

hey what's your licensing on the sound this creates?

I don't know if I even can license it. Give credit where you can, is my request.

Is it possible to use this in games at all like the sounds it generates?

How u download it?

(1 edit)

I don't intend to make my project downloadable, at least for now...

Edit: Okay, turns out it was already downloadable, but that version will only run on the browser, I will make a windows build in a bit.